Navajo Indian Rugs

Decorating your home or office with beautifully made Navajo Indian rugs is such a joy. The Navajo Indian rugs you’ll find at are one-of-a-kind works of art. Adding just a single piece to your home or office will add great beauty; decorating with multiple pieces will absolutely transform the space. At, you’ll find contemporary and historic Navajo rugs, weavings, blankets, wall hangings, and other works of art–all unique and all incredibly beautiful.

Navajo Indian rugs create a great decorative “balance.” For example, woven Navajo pieces feature a masculine geometry, balanced by a feminine intricacy. Navajo rugs often use deep, rich colors that balance earthy warmth with understated reserve. Finally, Navajo rug designs and hues offer the perfect balance of playfulness with gravity. Lively yet dignified; warm yet serene; masculine yet feminine–is it any wonder these versatile rugs create such a sense of tranquility and harmony?

Navajo rugs and wall hangings look amazing in a variety of spaces and alongside numerous decorative styles, but they look especially beautiful when paired with other earthy, natural materials. For instance, a hand-woven Navajo rug from would look terrific near a leather couch. A rich, luxurious shade of chocolate, tobacco, or cognac leather would work beautifully with the deep reds, grays, and blues of traditionally styled Navajo Indian rugs.

In addition to leather, Navajo rugs look fabulous against wood, stone, or brick. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and design movements like the American Arts and Crafts movement relied heavily on Native American designs and materials. Today, Navajo weavings can make everything from a wood-paneled office to a stone, stained glass and wood living room look simultaneously more important, warm, and inviting. You can bring this unique look to your home with hand-crafted rugs from!