Navajo Rugs For Sale

At, we’re committed to offering our customers the largest possible variety of handmade Navajo rugs for sale. We carry rugs in a number of sizes, from huge, room-size rugs to tiny rugs perfect for use in entryways or as wall hangings. We carry Navajo rugs designed in a huge variety of regional styles, from Chinle, Burntwater, Two Grey Hills, Teec Nos Pos, and many other regions.

We also have Navajo rugs for sale representing quite a broad spectrum of costs. has an entire selection of rugs and other weavings priced under 500 dollars; in contrast, we also carry historic pieces and magnificent new designs that cost several thousand dollars–true masterpieces. Many of the Navajo rugs for sale on our site–including many of the new pieces–have literally hung in museums. These are not merely rugs; these are works of textile art, to be collected and handed down accordingly.

Whether the rug you buy at costs 400 dollars, 4,000 dollars, or 40,000 dollars, please remember that you are buying quality in each one of these price ranges. Steve and Gail Getzwiller and the rest of the team work very closely with the artists who weave these rugs.

Our long-standing relationships and direct dealings with the most talented Navajo weavers ensure our customers the best prices for the highest quality Navajo rugs.